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Ersin Ananda Saran

India Days

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 Having a master’s degree in business management, Ananda decided to go to the moon and back. He spent some years in India, practicing the spiritual world and gained an expertise in yoga. After mastering Yoga in all aspects, he opened his studio in 1990 in Istanbul and in 2013 in Oakville respectively. He is still walking through his spiritual journey. 

Canada Days in Oakville

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If you want to experience the traditional hatha yoga from an experienced yoga instructor who is privileged to study with many Gurus in India, Coccoon is the right place for you!

Tanya Ozkan-Saran

India Days

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Tanya  has been in corporate life for so long that she decided to extent her studies in Yoga, started practicing yoga in 2000 and got her certification in 2003 in India. She travels to India for further studies in Rishikesh and Banglore.

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In our Coccoon, Tanya is responsible for the Yoga for yoga for kids , workshops, meditation on Chakras and administration of the Studio.




 Rachel had worked in financial service for years in Seoul and Beijing,

She began to practice yoga since her college days and has practiced Bikram、Hatha、Vinyasa and Iyengar during the past 12 years. Aside from office work, she used to teach private class in Beijing. 



 When she moved to Canada we met Rachel. Since then she has been practicing at our Coccoon and is very dedicated!

In our Coccoon, she is  teaching yoga classes in Mandarin. Her classes will combine breathing exercise with asanas, focusing on the relaxation and balancing of mind and body.