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March Event - Yoga Nidra with Ananda


yoga nidra workwhop

 Yoga Nidra  workshop  on March 28th, 2020 between 12.15-1.15pm 

the art of sleeping

 Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is a state of  consciousness  between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation.  Yoga nidra is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. 

This event is free for all our yogis!

our classes ın Mandarın


our classes ın Mandarın wıth rachel

We are starting Yoga Classes in Mandarin as of March


 Our classes in Mandarin are starting. 

Every Monday between 7-8 pm.

Every Thursday between 12-1 pm.

With Rachel. 

Reserve your spot.


February Event - Pranayama with Mimi


Pranayama Workshop

 Pranamaya with Mimi is on February 29th Saturday between 12.15-1.30 pm

come and joın us!

 'Prana’ is the vital energy needed by our physical and subtle layers, without which the body would perish. It is the prana or life force in us that nourishes the mind and keeps the body alive. ‘Prana’ refers to the universal life force and ‘Ayama’ means to regulate or lengthen. Pranayama means working in the dimension of prana. 

We will be practicing Pranayama on January 29th Saturday.

This is a free event open to all our yogis!

January Event-Trataka



Trataka on January 28th  2020 between 6-7 pm for our members!

Come and Joın Us

Have you ever tried the yoga for the eye? 

We will be practicing Trataka on the 28th of January.

This is a free event open to all our yogıs!

Give the Gift of Hope this season!

Yoga Oakville, Oakville Yoga, Yoga SickKids

Yoga for SickKids

 As we are inspired by Leo's very sweet heart that has been fund raising by making bracelets and donating all the income to Sickkids for a year now, we decided to support him by creating a fundraising event, just before the New Year.

If you want to give the gift of love and hope, come and join us on the mat on December 14th at noon.

If you cannot make it to the studio, simply click the below link to make donation. 

December 14th, Saturday at noon - 12 

Coccoon Yoga Studio

March Break - Yoga Work Shop for Kids

Yoga for Kids, Kids Yoga, Oakville Yoga, Yoga Oakville

A week of Yoga and Mindfulness for Little Yogis

Our March Break "Yoga and Mindfulness  for Little Yogis" for 2019 was a blast!

See you next year!

The preliminary program for 2020 will be as follows!

You can pick a day or a week!

Monday : An hour of Yoga and making a yoga mala

Tuesday :An hour of Yoga and making a mandala

Wednesday :An hour of Yoga and painting a Budha

Thursday An hour of Yoga and crafting a lotus

Friday An hour of Yoga and celebrating! We invite the parents for the last 10 minutes for a guided meditation to share the love and  energy. 

Ages between 8-15

March Break is coming! Are you ready ?

Our price for 5 days between 2-4 pm is CAD 150 +HST

If you prefer to pick a day our prıce ıs CAD 40 + HST

A Mindful Birthday Party

Birthday Party Yoga, Yoga Oakville, Oakville Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga for kids

Birthday Party Package

Namaste Dear Families,

If you are planning to try a mindful present to your little Yogi and friends our services include the following : 

1 hr of yoga and mindfulness + 1 hr studio for celebration of your own choice.

Package Price


Our prices for 2 hours birthday package is CAD 225+HST 

Please bear in mind that we can only accommodate up to 10 kids!


60+ Yoga Workshops

Yoga Oakville, Oakville Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Oakville, Yoga Studio Oakville

For the ones young at heart!

We  have custom made packages for retirement homes prepared for specific age groups. We focus on small groups at their location for over sixty yoga sessions, please do not hasitate to call us for an appointment on-site.